Creating A Disco Mix For A Groovy Friend

Stephy's Disco Ball

Hey, it’s DJ Mad Luuk here with another birthday mix for an old friend! When I say old, she’s turning the ripe old age of 32 and loves 70’s disco music. The kid’s got taste, so why not oblige her with a musical treat! I was a child when the disco craze hit. I can […]

An 80’s Birthday Present For An Old Gen-Z Soul

I have trouble keeping up with the names of generations. Gen-X is easy. That’s an old fart like me who grew up riding station wagons and paying a quarter to make phone calls (phone booths were nasty, by the way). After that it gets confusing. Is it millennials before Gen-Z or the other way around? […]

A Musical Birthday Present For Our Friend

I kept wondering what I could get Samantha for her birthday. Suddenly I thought, why not create a Bollywood mix just for her!

Kudos to an Awesome DJ!

UFO Radio background Adobe Photoshop

DJ Jak Bradley is an accomplished, international DJ who offers online DJ courses on Udemy. It has always been my dream to learn how to DJ, but was intimidated. Not only did the knobs and levers look scary as hell, but beatmatching (blending together two different songs into one cohesive mix) seemed impossible to learn […]