Creating A Disco Mix For A Groovy Friend

Stephy's Disco Ball

Hey, it’s DJ Mad Luuk here with another birthday mix for an old friend! When I say old, she’s turning the ripe old age of 32 and loves 70’s disco music. The kid’s got taste, so why not oblige her with a musical treat! I was a child when the disco craze hit. I can […]

An 80’s Birthday Present For An Old Gen-Z Soul

I have trouble keeping up with the names of generations. Gen-X is easy. That’s an old fart like me who grew up riding station wagons and paying a quarter to make phone calls (phone booths were nasty, by the way). After that it gets confusing. Is it millennials before Gen-Z or the other way around? […]

A Musical Birthday Present For Our Friend

I kept wondering what I could get Samantha for her birthday. Suddenly I thought, why not create a Bollywood mix just for her!