A Musical Birthday Present For Our Friend

A Musical Birthday Present For Our Friend

Since my last post, I’ve been creating mixes on my Numark Mixtrack Pro FX. As of this post, I am now 6 months into my DJ journey and it’s changing my life! If you’d like to read an earlier post where I discuss learning how to DJ mix online with Udemy and Digital DJ Tips Courses, click here. But I digress!

My Numark Mixtrack ProFX

The Birthday Epiphany

My fiancé and I share many amazing friends, one of whom just had a birthday on June 12. Go-go-go shawty! It’s your birthday, Samantha!

I would venture to guess that Samantha’s been listening to Bollywood music all of her life. Not me. My cultural background is different, so I’m discovering the genre just as I am discovering DJ mixing.

I kept wondering what I could get Samantha for her birthday. Then I realized that I could make a Bollywood mix for her!

The Task

I asked Samantha to give me a list of songs that she feels are the best in the genre. She mentioned that likes Bollywood mixed with Chutney music because it, “gives it more depth.” It was definitely a learning curve for me, learning and putting these tracks together!

This is one of example of a Chutney Mix that Samantha shared

The task I had was to listen to all of this music, add them to Bollywood tracks I already own (which wasn’t a lot) and figure out how to make the music flow. It took about three months of listening and re-listening to the tracks and learning different DJ techniques. The mix was ready in time for her birthday and she loved it! Here it is for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it!

My first ever DJ mix created for Samantha’s birthday

Happy Birthday Samantha. Until next time!

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