Kudos to an Awesome DJ!

Kudos to an Awesome DJ!

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DJ Jak Bradley is an accomplished, international DJ who offers online DJ courses on Udemy. It has always been my dream to learn how to DJ, but was intimidated. Not only did the knobs and levers look scary as hell, but beatmatching (blending together two different songs into one cohesive mix) seemed impossible to learn no matter how hard I tried on my own.

Then in January of 2023, my dream came true! I found an affordable, comprehensive course on Udemy that teaches, and I mean really teaches, the fundamentals of DJ mixing. The art of DJ’ing isn’t only knowing how and when to push certain buttons, but also understanding how music is structured. That was one of the hugest takeaways for me and key to understanding how to mix.

No matter what the genre, all music has the same basic structure of beats, bars and phrases.

This page is a small token of appreciation to DJ Jak Bradley. It is plain to see the months of work it took to put together a course so meticulously laid out. His teaching style is laid back, fun and thorough. I highly recommend it to anyone else who is considering a career in DJing and production.

The mixes included here are from Jak Bradley’s courses. He is also generous enough to include tons of resource materials such as mp3 files so that you can practice right along with him. All credit goes to him for the song choices and mixing styles. I’m posting them here as a testimonial of what I have learned and as my appreciation to his time and energy.

Enjoy the music and thanks again to DJ Jak Bradley!

House music mixed by Luuk Arce, student of Jak Bradley’s “The Complete DJ Course For Beginners 2023 | 2 Be A DJ.”
Mixed by Luuk Arce, student of Jak Bradley’s Learn 3 Fun DJ Mixes: EDM – House – Deep House.
House Mix with me-Mixed by Luuk Arce, student of Jak Bradley’s Learn 3 Fun DJ Mixes: House

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